We can provide you with landscaping and excavating materials for all of your project needs. We strive to deliver a variety of quality materials to meet your schedule. Materials can also be picked up. Please call our office for more information or to place an order.

We’re your source for the finest quality topsoil, sand and gravel in Wisconsin..


Swinkles is known for having the highest quality pulverized topsoil in the area. We provide topsoil services including pulverized topsoil, garden mix, compost/muck and fill dirt.


We carry crusher run, screenings, breaker run, clear stone, washed stone, pea stone, barn lime and chips.


Let us assist you with a wide variety of sand materials for all of your landscaping or excavating needs. You can choose fill sand, free stall sand, volleyball sand, mason sand, mound sand and baseball or football mix.

Decorative Stone and Mulch

Choose your decorative stone and natural or colored mulch for your next project. We stock mississippi pebble, mountain stone, orange rotten granite, red rotten granite, natural mulch and red, brown or gold colored mulch.


Get the best in excavation services for
both commercial and residential


Materials delivered throughout NE WI


Landscaping and excavating materials for your project needs